Beauty in the Wilderness

Whatever unexpected barrier life may throw at you,don’t fall ,rise and if you can’t rise crawl until you get better.

Praiseworthy Maphanga

God allows certain prospects of chaos and confusion in our lives, not because he does not know that the process could hurt us. However God puts us through the fire to grow us into maturity of knowing who we are.

I went through the most last year. I was stuck between becoming a person society wanted and being me for me. Nothing was never enough for me and what is more painful is during the process I had to forget about my value, unbelievably so. I ate depression and tears were my daily drink. It got to a point were I isolated myself from people and I couldn’t speak to anyone about anything. This process made me who I am now. I thought I could handle life on my own. Went through humiliation and pain because I seeked validation from people. However now I have come to the knowledge that all the mistakes I did had to happen…unfortunately. My mental thoughts had to change. The hurt I tried to hide and all the suffering was necessary to grow me into the woman I always wanted to be.

I have been left by the people I thought loved me and some friends I told everything. God will use people to make you go through the ashes and dust. Some you truly trust. However the bruises and the pain was necessary. Don’t blame God for your loss but thank him that it all happened because actually, it showed who were for you and who were never your confidants.

The process had left me broken but it left me beautiful on the inside. The wilderness looks enticing in the beginning,full of adventure but no one ever tells you the danger involved in it. No one ever tells you about the demons awaiting to disturb your inner peace and there about to leave scars. My advice personally is to always be watchful and put God first because once you let go of Him through this process, when you look back you will be full of tears and regrets.

Life is a journey but don’t walk in it alone. Take courage, pull yourself together and keep moving. Someone out there will keep reminding you of your past. However it’s not over for you. Your past builds you. It moulds greatness in you through the breaking. Arise and posses what was meant to be yours. Watch the Lord make you rise in front of your enemies. Trust the process and Learn from your past. Keep going!

It’s the start of something New

Dine in with me and relax.

Good advice is a beacon,good teaching is a light, moral discipline is a life path- proverbs 6:23

The future is not known however what’s known for sure is that the future is to be changed by the present. I might not have an answer to why life has it’s disappointments,loses,mistakes, regrets but one thing is guaranteed,whatever it may be one shall rise greater than the circumstance life might have set forth as a barrier to not see what good is yet to come. Letting go is never easy but some things are worth leaving. Some things were never meant to be there in the beginning. Trust the process of growth. Guard the heart, value yourself and leave no stone unturned for regret.